So you FEEL that you have been judged in the past, now what?

Often women tell me they are terrified to step out of their comfort zone because of past experiences where they attempted something new and they felt they were judged. 

The feeling of being judged can spiral into many limiting beliefs: 

“I am not good enough”

“I don’t have confidence”

“I can’t do this or that”

One can get so sensitive towards a feeling of being judged – something as small as little likes on a Facebook or Instagram post.


💣Most of the time no one judges you. If there was a naysayer it only means that you have achieved something that they wished they had the guts to do.
💣Often you don’t realise that your achievement actually inspired others – there is no link between how many people you have inspired and the number of likes you get on your latest post.
💣Your brain’s work is to keep you safe! When you step out of your comfort zone the judgement you feel is your brain’s way of protecting you. If you haven’t read Mel Robbins book – “The five second rule” – I suggest you get a copy. The five second rule is a method to take action immediately before your brain gets the opportunity to tell you otherwise.

You are not your limiting beliefs!

You can change these beliefs if you put in the work.

I often get women asking me where do I get the guts from to move out of my comfort zone. For me it is about being intentional and taking consistent action to grow into the higher version of myself.

The photos I am sharing today are from the first fashion show I did in November last year for De & Me clothing along with @ace_models_ctnorth.

Did I feel nervous? YES

Did I think about being judged? YES – but I chose to rather focus on the growth that will follow after stepping out of my comfort zone.

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely, YES!!

Stepping out of your comfort zone by taking consistent action might be a scary thought, but the growth as a person you will get, will definitely out way this.

Queen, SHOW up for yourself!