🔥Be the girl who decided to go for it🔥 -Sabrina Cadini-

I always dreamed of being the CEO of my own business.

But, I also preferred to play it save.

Not to even mention all the over thinking AND what if’s.

I guess that comes with the territory of being a chartered accountant.

Then the truth hit me:
-Playing save is actually just saying: Wandi you are scared as hell.
-Afraid of failing.
-It’s another excuse of not actively working towards my dreams.

The moment I decided to change the meaning I attached to the word fail the light bulb moment came:
🦄 the outcomes of prior actions I took is merely preparing & redirecting me towards better steps to take to achieve my goals!

Now I am the CEO of my business 🔥

Have a fabulous weekend
Wandi 💕

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📷 – skin deep photoshoot with @ace_models_ctnorth by @stellasassen
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