Image Consulting services

These workshops are fun sessions and beneficial for each individual in your company to refine their style to build a positive image for your company. The workshop can include educating employees on professional image, style and etiquette in the corporate environment to ensure personnel look their best.

The good news is that these workshops are tax deductible. As a chartered accountant and business woman myself hearing this is music to my ears!

The two standard packages available are listed below. I also create tailored packages based on your needs.

The basics:

1 – 2 hours workshop

  • Image in the workplace
  • Corporate Confidence
  • How to dress (Male & Female)
  • Basic wardrobe for the professional
  • Body language
  • Make-up and hair in the workplace

Price – On request

The Corporate Master Class:

  • Complete Colour & Style analysis for every member (Male & Female)
  • Corporate Confidence
  • How to dress
  • Body language
  • Make-up and hair in the workplace
  • Receive SA Image Specialist Appearance App (Female only)

Price – R1,250 per person

R2 700

(includes the SA Image Appearance Specialist App)


Does any of the following sound familiar:

  • I have a cupboard full of clothing, but have nothing to wear!
  • It does not matter what I wear I always see my “imperfections”.
  • My friends look so stylish but no matter what I do I can’t find “my” look.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above you are at the right place!!

Looking and feeling good is all about knowing what styles suit you and what shade of a colour will compliment your natural colour most. During our consultation we will determine your body shape, your colour-flow and your style personality. Based on your results I will make recommendations for hairstyles that will work best for you, what jewelery to wear, patterns that will suit you best and what pants, skirts, blouses and jackets will suit your body type and so much more! After our consultation shopping will be a breeze!

Duration of consultation: 2.5 hours

Book this service for you and your best friend together and get 20% discount. T & C’s apply.

*I would recommend the Wardrobe Planning Consultation after this session

R500 per hour

I will help you look at your clothes from a new perspective. Based on your body shape and colour palate I will assess what items in your cupboard should stay and which ones should go. I can also help you find the right accessories and shoes to complement your new-look wardrobe. Your sense of style will be totally different after our consultation. Say hallo to the brand new You!

Duration: One hour per double door cupboard.

**I would recommend a Personal Shopping Experience after this session.

R500 per hour

Shopping for your body shape, colour palate or that perfect outfit can be overwhelming as there are so many options available in store. To take the stress out of shopping, let’s go and shop together. Whether you are looking for an outfit for a wedding or special occasion, a capsule wardrobe for a new job or just want to update your look I can help. Believe it or not, this can be a fun experience that suits your budget.

Duration: Depending on your needs I will suggest booking a two-hour Personal Shopping Experience.

***I suggest that you first invest in a Colour and Style Consultation to get the most out of your Personal Shopping Experience.


(includes the SA Image Appearance Specialist App)

Do you want to update your look? Or have you neglected yourself over the years by not filling your own cup and giving yourself the self-care, you need and deserve? Then a complete makeover can change your life! A complete makeover will make you look better, but it goes much deeper than that.

Investing in yourself by treating yourself to a complete makeover will boost your confidence and remind yourself that you are beautiful.

A complete makeover is a two-day experience. We do a style & colour consultation and wardrobe shopping (as per your set budget). We also get your hair makeover (excluded from the price above) done by a professional hairstylist and round it off with a makeup lesson that will change your attitude towards makeup forever. Should you wish to finish off your complete makeover by booking a personal photo shoot with our in-house photographer to show off your new look, we will arrange that (additional charges apply for this service).

Day one: Colour & Style Consultation and Wardrobe Planning Consultation.

Day two: Personal Shopping Experience (on your budget), Visit to the professional hairstylist (at your expense) and Makeup lesson.

After the complete makeover you will express on the outside who you have always been on the inside: Beautiful, worthy, priceless, already perfect and irreplacable.

Book this service for you and your best friend together and get 20% discount. T & C’s apply.


(R450 per person with a minimum of 10 Girls, Max 20 Girls)

We all want to “fit in” during high school. Unfortunately, social media sketch a (false) picture of the so called ‘perfect’ woman. As each and everyone is unique in their own way, it can’t be true that there is only one perfect shape and look for a  woman. At a very young age we start believing lies like, “I am not worthy”, “I am not enough”, “I am not beautiful” and the list goes on. The truth is that you were created perfect and that you are beautiful just the way you are.

During this workshop we will teach high school girls of all shapes and sizes what styles suit their body shape best, the impact of wearing the correct colour, makeup do’s and dont’s, social media do’s and dont’s, the importance of having a good self esteem and taking the first steps to building self-confidence.

Duration: 60 minutes

Alternative option available: A one-on-one session can also be booked at R750. Book the one-on-one session for you and your best friend together and get 20% discount. T & C’s apply.


(includes the SA Image Appearance Specialist App)

Your matric farewell is an evening of glitz and glam which you have looked forward to for many years. Choosing your dress style and colour can be overwhelming as you want it to be just perfect and you want to look fabulous.

During our consultation we will determine your body shape, your colour-flow and your style personality. Based on your results I will make recommendations for hairstyles that will work best for you, what jewellery to wear, the perfect shoe and what dress styles to consider for your matric farewell dress. After our consultation shopping for your perfect matric farewell dress will be a breeze!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Book this service for you and your best friend together and get 20% discount. T & C’s apply.

R2,000 per person (minimum of 5 women)

(includes the SA Image Appearance Specialist App)


This is a fun filled morning and the perfect opportunity to make new friends and celebrate womanhood along with other ladies. During this interactive masterclass you will receive an individual colour and style assessment, we will work together to determine your style personality and I will make recommendations as to what hairstyles will suit you best, what colours will compliment your natural colouring and what garment types will best work for your body. The master class also includes a makeup lesson, light lunch and some bubbly.

Duration: 3 to 5 hours depending on the number of ladies.

R500 per person

Want to do something different for a hen’s party, a birthday party or any other planned celebration? Why not include a session on personal style to your friends while they sip on a glass of sparkling wine? You can book me to do a body and face shape analysis for each one of your friends and give suggestions how to dress for their body shape. Also included is a short talk on healthy body image.

Duration: Depends on the number of guests, talk will be approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Price on request

Each woman should own professional photos of herself. You choose a theme and we will ensure that your theme comes to life. Your makeup and hair will be professionally done by a makeup artist. We will have a creative director on-site ensuring every photo is perfectly styled and you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included in these prices. All travel costs will be calculated according to AA rates.
The Appearance Specialist App

The Appearance Specialist App, developed by The South African Image Academy, is like having a personal stylist at your side whenever you go shopping! The App makes suggestions on choosing garment styles, makeup colours, accessories, hair styles and so much more. The App gets updated regularly and you get access to the App and revised information for the rest of your life.

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