We are so often told and tell ourselves to “just do it”, “go make a difference” OR “lead by example”.

What we as women fail to realise is that building confidence is a continuous JOURNEY and not a do it once exercise!!

Yes, some of us are born with immense natural confidence and have embraced who we are at an early stage of our journey, but I want to reassure you this is the exception to the rule. In fact, it’s extremely rare!!

But, building confidence is a growth process of taking baby steps & celebrating each and every step that has moved us forward.

I tried all the “quick fixes”…. I really did try them all… And yes, it did help as it showed me what not to do. Every time I had to get back up at least I knew of yet another shortcut that just didn’t work.

Through my own healing journey of learning the hard way I first had to embrace & accept myself. This took me over FOUR years. In year five I slowly started falling in love with the way I was put together. Curves and all.

I had to become vulnerable.

Showing and experiencing true vulnerability definitely empowered me and gave me the boost I needed to accept me for me and gave me more confidence to work towards the best version of myself, take on the world and make a difference.

I needed to truly experience vulnerability to know that I am enough even with all my “imperfect perfections”. It assisted in building a solid foundation from where I can reach for the stars, sparkle, be authentically me, and live my dream – my way!

One of the tools I used in my confidence building journey was a boudoir** photo shoot.

I thought about it a lot before taking action – 18 months to be exact. There was doubt – thoughts like maybe I should first lose some weight and I am not pretty enough. I was scared what people might think and say – this was actually only a projection of judging myself. Having said that – this has been one of the most empowering experiences I had thus far. It took me back to my roots, it made me feel sexy, confident and it definitely played a significant role in my journey.

Once you get to the part of your journey where you accept YOU for YOU, you can start imagining a new, higher & better version of yourself. Not trying to be or becoming someone else, but slowly, one baby step at a time, moving from the current you to the best version of you.

The journey to building confidence becomes an Aladdin-like magic carpet ride with lots of twists and turns and unexpected moments of absolute clarity. I am not 100% there yet but I do believe it will be one of the most important “flights” of your life – it has been for me.

Watch this space for “CelebrateYou”: Glitz & Glam workshops COMING SOON

Photographer: Nadia Murray from @cocobelleboudoir
Makeup @delaneysiebrietmakeup

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