I lost 15 kg in just over one year and I am keeping it off!

Without diets or diet shakes & tablets.

Without any rigorous exercise.

What did I do differently from what I have done in the past?
🔥 I worked on my mindset.
🔥 I let go of things and environments that no longer served me.
🔥 I only ate when I was physically hungry.
🔥 I eat food that is closest to its natural form most of the time.

Yes I indulge in sweet & salty treats now and again.

Yes I drink my bubbly & wine in moderation.

I changed the story I was telling myself about food.

Food became my friend.

No restriction of any food group was necessary any longer.

The moment there was no restriction, I no longer craved the so called “unhealthy” food.

I truly believe when it comes to managing weight for it to be successful, start with working on mindset.

Behind my weight gain, sat a lot of hurt and unresolved emotional issues.

Dieting will never heal the real hurt and address the root cause.

It may numb the pain & give instant gratification for a short while.

I feel more content living without restriction.

I choose loving my body daily above living with restriction and feeling miserable.

The choice is yours!

What do you choose?

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**Disclaimer – This is what worked for me. Each person struggling with weight management should consult with their health care provider. I am not a dietician or health care provider and I am not providing any recommendations or suggestions on how to manage your weight. I am merely sharing my journey to a better way of managing my own weight.**