💞 My self-acceptance (continuous) journey…..

At the age of 13, I was one of the chubby girls at school. At times I literally had no friends – during break time I sat alone. I was the friend most of time, seldom the girlfriend. I thought I had to do more to be accepted. Instead of having fun like kids were supposed to I studied hard to at least be one of the top performers academic wise. Did it fill the void of feeling accepted – definitely not. I never felt like I am enough


The UGLY truth:
-Emotional eating – it got bad; at a point, my mother was almost unable to source a big enough size dress for me to wear to school;
-At the age of 18, emotional eating changed into non-stop dieting; which caused a lot of havoc to my hormones.

What did I notice?
Being skinnier, changed me into a person I no longer recognized. This so-called achievement of losing weight made me cold, self-centric and miserable. I stopped being that smiling, bubbly girl with compassion for others.

The reality:
I kept the weight off for almost 10 years …. But then I couldn’t keep up with this 💩 show any longer: I gained 20 kg in a very short period. I couldn’t understand why this happened [again]. During this time I focused on:
-raising my self-awareness,
-investing in myself &-celebrating my own uniqueness.

Then the light bulb moment came – it led me back to that smiling and bubbly girl with an ADDED bonus: “a humble & courageous confident woman that can do whatever she puts her mind on no matter her weight!”

P.S – The good news is after raising my self-awareness the weight loss come naturally 😉

Watch this space: CelebrateYou – Glitz & Glam workshops coming soon!! 🥂

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