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🤍 S E L F – E S T E E M 🤍

For a very long time I thought I could change my body shape, improve my self- esteem and body image by dieting. At my lowest weight of 48 kg I still had the same body shape, low self esteem and was unhealthy with many ailments. I looked dull!

When I exchanged diet for eating to feel good (putting health before size) and taking little steps towards building confidence, which is always an inside job, I saw improvement in my self esteem and my beliefs about my body image. I started to get my glow on 🙏

So this is your reminder that if you are healthy physically and mentally, you dont have to change anything about your body.

TO END OFF: Sexy does not come from the shape of a body, but the fire in your soul. (Credits to the author)

📷 @idolife_photography

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