The thing that scares you MOST, is USUALLY the thing or action you have to do or take to move you forward in life.

When I talk about DO what scares you, I mean to follow your dreams.

It is scary to go after our dreams at times. We listen to all the voices (our inner critic) in our head that tells us what if I fail.

Why not rather decide to change the narrative to “I will succeed”?

Ask yourself the question whether you want to stay in your comfort zone for the rest of your life, or are you willing to invest in yourself and leave behind a legacy?

So often we tell ourselves we will do this or that once we are ready.

When exactly will we be ready? Will we ever be ready?

We can only grow, when we take action starting today! When doing something that scares you today, it will give you the courage & inspire you to tackle another one tomorrow.

Take the first step and invest in yourself today. The IdoLife IGNITE YOUR INNER FIRE 7-week online program is just what you need to start moving forward.

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