I wrote a caption for this photo in January 2020 …. Just before pressing post I decided not to post it.

I can actually remember the anxiety I experienced at the time – I knew by posting the photo I was sharing more than a photo.

I was showing vulnerability.

Why I didn’t share the photo?

I was thinking what people would say when I post a photo like this of myself. It might be frowned upon?  

I thought about the judgement or comments that might follow.

I guess, I myself was actually my biggest critic at the time.

I mean let’s be honest – at first this looks like a Playboy cover photo.

Did I know this was the specific look that the boudoir photographer wanted to capture – I had no idea!! Did I ever think that I can look like this on a photo? 

A big NO!!

I only saw the result a few days later.

The story this photo is telling goes way deeper than a Playboy cover photo – it is showing the woman I strive to be. Glowing from the inside out. Owning all facets of who I am – a wife, an entrepreneur, boss lady, a lover, a friend, owning my wild and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I am sharing this today in the hope to inspire women to own all facets of themselves, including their wild.

Remember sexy is not about your weight or body shape – it is really an attitude!

Booking a boudoir shoot might be daunting, but it will most certainly be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself.

I am super excited to share with you that I will be styling and directing a boudoir shoot with the following sponsors & models tomorrow:

Male model: @kitshoffroan
Female models: @stormijohnson@tami_angelien109@tanya_jane_merry
MUA: @alonsofranc.mua
Hair stylist: @zell_hair & @zelmari_munnik
Lingerie: @jsmlingerie

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